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Our Story

In 1996 things were looking up for Dan Spitale. Two years out of high school and he already had a great job as a job foreman for one of the top masonry contractors in the Little Rock area.

He probably could have been satisfied with a career that was well on track, but Dan had possessed a dream since his early days in high school to be a businessman. The candle of this dream was still burning brightly and over the Christmas holidays of that year Dan resigned from his job and, with $2,000 that his grandmother had given him, and a dream, he began his own business. Dan probably could have chosen construction as a more natural field for his business, but the trucking industry had held his interest for many years.

The $2,000 from his grandmother was gone before Dan had his first truck rigged out but his drive kept him going. The first couple of years were pretty lean as he learned an industry he previously knew nothing about.

In 1998 Dan married Tana and she soon joined him in the business, managing the office while Dan dispatched and drove. By 2000 Spitale Transportation had caught stride and began to settle into the niche that we serve today: jobsite and over-dimensional, open deck cargo. Freight that was last on most everyone else’s preference list was first on ours.

Over the years God has added many great people to Spitale Transportation, both office personnel and owner operators. We are a close-knit company that enjoys working together and interacting with our drivers on a personal level. We have developed lasting connections with our customers and with many top-qualified carriers in our area. Dan’s dream has become our company of today.

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