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Freight Management


You have probably heard the term 3PL before which stands for Third Party Logistics. Perhaps even some of your suppliers or customers have contracted with a 3PL to manage their transportation process. At Spitale we are offering that service to you, the small to midsize shipper who will benefit from bringing a transportation expert on board with their company. While the large 3PL providers focus on supply chain management our focus is bringing simplicity to your complicated shipping process by bringing the scheduling and quality control issues for each individual load to a single point of focus. Each shipment is assessed according to demands, placed with the appropriate carrier, and tracked from pickup to delivery. This process enables you the customer to walk the tightrope of pricing and service in a more efficient way.

Our contracts are simple and can be tailored to your specific needs. Anything from full management of all your transportation down to service on a single lane can be built into our contract. Our typical agreement is a plain language cost plus contract.

  • More efficient product delivery
  • Cost savings by reducing transportation rates
  • Cost savings by moving your traffic department to Spitale
  • Peace of mind knowing your shipments are taken care of
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